What it really costs

Each week I earn $797.50

That’s $159.50 per day

Which is $19.93 an hour

Making it $0.33 per minute

I owe $14,774.12

$14, 774.12 divided by $0.33 is:


44,770 minutes

746.16  hours

That’s how many hours of my life I need to work with every cent I earn, paying financial institutions.

Paying off my debt.

That’s what it really costs.


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3 thoughts on “What it really costs

  1. spow3rs says:

    I make less than that and had an ever higher debt. It DID take me almost 7 years. But take it from this girl, it CAN be done. Stay strong. Stay committed. Get creative. And feel free to ask me for any advice. I’m no financial guru, but I learned some things along the way.

    • Thanks for stopping by! It’s really inspiring to know that others (with bigger debts too!) have conquered their debt demons! I found it so helpful to read through blogs about peoples personal REAL experiences on this topic – which is now why Im here! I do have a question for you – what are your thoughts on savings an emergency fund before you started paying off debt? I haven’t done that and wondering it I should….

  2. doordebt says:

    I love seeing it laid out like this! I make less and have way more too— but I am determined to make it work. Nice blog!

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