Coffee Vs Debt – There can only be one winner……

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee… delicious little vice, you.

Coffee: Who…. me?

Me: Yes you! – your welcoming, warm voice calls to me out of cafes every day. You are like a caffeinated Siren of the sea, I am the Sailor. I can’t resist your call.

I do love you coffee. But you are rather costly.

Coffee: Really? $4.50 for a hit of this goodness isn’t THAT much….

Me: But I’m seeing you on a regular basis. As in daily. It adds up. I think we need to take a little break…

Inspired by a fellow debt blogger’s recent post  Frugal in the morning , I thought I would share my little daily battle of trying not to buy coffee. Everyday.

It really does add up, any coffee lover turned debt fighting super hero (heroine) , has done the math. A daily cup at $4.50 x 7 x 52 = $1638.00 per year for my caffeine fix.

This week I set myself a little challenge of only purchasing 2 coffees. All week. UNHEARD of for me. I am just finishing my second one as I write this post. So that little conversation above, it did actually happen – just then 😉

Coffee is a treat and I love it. I am never going to completely deny myself, because no coffee does a miserable Elesha make. However, in the interest of my debt campaign, I am seriously going to try to stick to 2 a week.

That’s a weekly saving of $22.50 and a yearly saving of $1170.00

Coffee my faithful friend, we will meet again. Just not as often.

On a little coffee side note, during the month I traveled in Argentina, I can honestly say this cafe – Coffee Town-  served the  only decent coffee I had. And it was amazing. In San Telmo, Buenos Aries during vintage market trawling on a freezing cold day.

I could have kissed the barista I was so happy.


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6 thoughts on “Coffee Vs Debt – There can only be one winner……

  1. Pete says:

    I feel your pain. Coffee is what activates my brain and allows the world to seep in… The more coffee the more I can handle. But at what cost, giving up maybe lunch? Great posting, thanks.

  2. mylittleadobe says:

    I’m so sorry to hear your breaking up with coffee =( even if it’s not a complete break up. ha. I make a chai tea at home every morning before I head for hell..umm I mean work. Giving it up even to two days a week would suuuccckk. But It costs me like 12 cents a cup at home or something…so not toooo bad.

  3. Love this! I have similar conversations with coffee on a regular basis. I’m in pretty much the same boat, so this is really encouraging.

  4. Great post! I have changed to making my own coffee at home now thank goodness. Best of luck to you. Thanks for sharing Angelia @

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