Week 1 – Debt Smashing Stats (Monday 3rd March to Sunday 10th March)

So, every week on Sunday I will post a summary of my income, expenses and current debt. I get paid fortnightly so I pay the majority of my expenses and debt repayment for the fortnight on my pay date. So next weeks update will look a little different to this one.

I had this info all nice and fabulous on a little excel spreadsheet but I can’t insert it into this post. Im a bit computer challenged on these types of things so if anyone can suggest how I can add an excel spreadsheet please let me know!

Week 1  – Monday 3rd March to Sunday 10th March aka The First Serious Week Of Debt Smashing

Total Income (this was my pay week so majority of my expenses come out fortnightly on my payday)

  • $1595.00 (fortnightly pay)

Spending / Expenses:

(Amounts in italics are included in my regular monthly expense budget as listed in this previous post)

  • Monday: $0.00
  • Tuesday: $0.00
  • Wednesday: Credit Card #1 debt payment $750.00 , Credit card #2 debt repayment $133.00, Board $140.00 (this amount includes food) , Phone $50.00, Travel $100.00 and Flights $195.00
  • Thursday: Coffee $4.50
  • Friday: Drinks $16.00
  • Saturday: Coffee $4.50
  • Sunday: $0.00

Total Expenses / spend: $1393.00

Week 1 Summary

Income $1595.00 less expenses $1393.00 = $202.00 in bank account

Week 1 debt status

Credit card #1 – $1627.12

Credit card #2 – $4826.67

Personal loan – $7397.57

Total Debt : $13, 851.36

Initial Debt: $14, 744.12

Debt reduced in week 1:  $922.76


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2 thoughts on “Week 1 – Debt Smashing Stats (Monday 3rd March to Sunday 10th March)

  1. mylittleadobe says:

    YAY! congrats! I personally always hate seeing how much I pay on my credit cards..but like looking at the spreadsheet I keep and seeing how far they come down. lol

    • Thanks! Yes, its horrible to see how much of your hard earned cash you are paying to some financial institution. But every repayment will make my resolve stronger to never get in this situation again! Thanks for your comment and encouragement 🙂

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