Spend and Debt Update – Week 4, Monday 25th March – Sunday 31st March

I can’t believe we are in April already…to get the new month off to a Debt Smashing start,  Im going to set a challenge for myself. From Monday 1st April through to Sunday 7th April SPEND NOTHING (aside from my set expenses which are outlined in my budget)

Can I do it? I’ll let you know on my next update 🙂

Oki doki….here is my update for WEEK 4:

Total Income 

  • $0.00 (This wasn’t my pay week)

Spending / Expenses:

(Amounts in italics are included in my regular monthly expense budget as listed in this previous post)

  • Monday: $0.00
  • Tuesday: $2.20 sushi roll
  • Wednesday: $4.30 coffee
  • Thursday: $4.50 coffee, $3.00 easter eggs
  • Friday: $0.00
  • Saturday: $10.25 coffee (for me and my mum)
  • Sunday: $20.00 tithe, $4.90 coffee

Total Expenses / spend: $49.15

Week 4 Summary

Income $0.00 +   $83.00 (bank balance at start of the week) – expenses $49.15 = $33.85 remaining in bank (of this $20.oo is still budgeted for tithe)

Week 4 debt status

Credit card #1 – $1,202.12

Credit card #2 – $4696.67

Personal loan – $7309.87

Total Debt : $13, 208.66

Initial Debt$14, 744.12

Debt reduced by week 4:  $1535.46  (No reduction since week 3 – remember, I make all my payments towards debt on my pay week)

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6 thoughts on “Spend and Debt Update – Week 4, Monday 25th March – Sunday 31st March

  1. Sushi roll makes me so happy!!

  2. I commend you for setting an achievable goal for yourself! I have done the same last month and for the most part it was great to see really what you spend money on. This weekend I totally failed at that goal for April. I got paid and have been in the spirit of gardening. I spend about $100 on plants and dirt. It will be an investment come summer when my garden and pots will be fully bloomed with flowers and herbs for cooking.
    Keep up the great work and I cant wait to see what the outcome is for you. xx

    • I’m finding it so helpful. And the reason I started this blog was to hold myself more accountable for my finances in the ‘public arena’ (although I wasn’t sure anyone would ever read it!!) and it has helped too, because I want my updates to be a true reflection of what I am spending – even if it IS too many coffees 🙂 Gardening sounds lovely – and if you feel you will get return for your investment then don’t feel bad – enjoy watching your garden grow!

  3. frugalinvest says:

    Not bad… by week 4 you have knocked down a good chunk of your debt!

    • Thanks! I feel happy with my efforts so far. April will be a bit of a tough month as I have a few additional commitments expense wise but I will be trying my very best to make each debt repayment in full as planned!

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