No Spend Week Challenge – Update

So, I set myself a little challenge on Sunday not to spend anything for 7 days (other than my required expenses as set out in my budget)

And guess what – Im doing pretty awesomely (*pats self of back)

Although I am MISSING COFFEE!!!!! Yesterday I used up my Get Out Of Coffee Jail Free card – which was the reward card for one of the cafes I go to regularly. Buy 7 coffees, get the 8th one free type of thing. And I was up to my freebie. So I redeemed a huge delicious vanilla latte for free and went along my merry, non spending way. And the world felt a bit brighter. 🙂

It’s Friday morning and I don’t anticipate any issues with wanting to spend today…however the weekend may be a different story! I’ll let you know how I go on my Sunday Expenses and Debt reduction update.

Happy Friday peoples!

One thought on “No Spend Week Challenge – Update

  1. Nice job!! Love those freebies! Whenever I set myself on a ‘spending freeze’ I use up old gift cards and free cards like that. Feels like your spending…but your not! 🙂

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