Letter to my future Debt Free self

Sometimes this debt repaying thing is so hard and so boring. But I know it will be so worth it. I caught myself in a moment of ‘woe is me’ earlier this week which lead me to fervently tell myself I AM NEVER GOING TO GET MYSELF INTO DEBT AGAIN. 

Ah, but the best laid plans. The biggest promises. The ‘in the moment, hand on heart swearing black and blue’ oaths, sworn in times of frustration/ anger/ inability to buy new shoes.

Sometimes, down the track, when you are out of the black (or red) hole – all those feelings have faded. And temptation may find itself knocking on your 0.00 credit card balance door.

So, I have decided to write future self a letter. Should that temptation come knocking. A letter written in the moment of the debt nightmare (NOW!)

Dear Future Debt Free Self,

So you want to take a trip huh? You’ve saved hard. But your still a few thousand short of making it a fabulous trip. And you are impatient. You want to go NOW. Your thinking about a loan huh….yes, yes, you are. Ive seen that look before. That’s how we got in that debt debacle a few years back – helloooooo, remember?!! 

Remember  how embarrassed you were to tell anyone how much debt you were in? Remember worrying all those night about that increasing card debt. It kept you awake at night. It stressed you out. It made you feel like you were a big fat financial loser. Like you would never get ahead. Worried if something happened, and you were out of work with no ability to pay. Remember when you WERE out of work. Then remember PAYING OFF that debt. That was HARD WORK right. It was boring and tedious. You never wanted to be there again. You swore to me (to you) that you would never buy something you couldn’t afford. It’s not worth it. SAVE that extra 2 thousand. Make some sacrifices now, so you never have to make those annoying Debt Be Gone sacrifices AGAIN. Sacrificing for savings is sooooo much more awesome than sacrificing for debt. Then kick back on your holiday – knowing you earned it. You didn’t charge it.


In Debt Self of 2013

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10 thoughts on “Letter to my future Debt Free self

  1. Great post. Smart smart smart!

  2. Staying free of debt is definitely difficult given this credit/loan world we live in. You definitely are in the right mindset and are on track to be smart about your financial choices. You can do it!!

    • Thank you for your encouragement! Only now I am trying to get out of debt do I see how much debt is offered to consumers every day, in marketing, banking etc etc. In today’s society it is normal to be in debt. Well, here’s to bucking the trend I say! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Well done you! Keep up the good work and with your determination you will soon be debt free!

    My journey has just started and I can’t wait to start paying off my credit card debt, it has to go! Here’s to a debt free life in the very near future!!!

    • Thank you! It’s so awesome that you have made this decision – be proud of yourself. It’s a great feeling to make that first repayment on your debt smashing mission. It’s not easy all the time – just read some of the whiny posts on my blog haha – but its worth it. Im in a better position that when I started 12 weeks ago so the only way is forward. Keeping a blog has been so useful to me to keep accountable – Im sure you will find the same. I’ll be looking out for your updates 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! To debt free – and beyond!!!

  4. Agreed! Gonna copy/paste this and make it my wall paper.

  5. […] I read a study today on NBC news that a key to success in saving money is, in fact, the ability to imagine the future effects of your actions.  The study showed that the more people could imagine themselves in the future, they better they were at delaying immediate gratification.  This might look like: “Boy, I’d really like to just forget about looking through the grocery ads and dealing with sales and coupons….but it will be so great when we can save up enough cash to travel to Europe as a family. . . . ”  The article even mentioned writing a letter to your future self, which is exactly what my friend over at ‘The Debt Break-Up’ did in this blog post. […]

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