Contracts suck

So I realized that over the last 2 years I have slowly freed myself from the grip of contracts. Even before starting my debt smashing mission this year, I made it my aim to see out current contracts I was in and not resign, or ‘upgrade’.

Contracts essentially are debt. You are committed to a monthly, weekly or fortnightly payment. People will harass you if you don’t make the payments. It’s the ‘I want  it now. Like ,RIGHT now dammit!’ *stamps foot* mentality that gets you sucked in.

I was in a phone contract, laptop contract and white good / furniture contract. All of those are now done and dusted. I have the shitty old laptop I’ve had for years (and spent 2 years in a contract for) and a *gasp*an Iphone 3. 

How RETRO is that!

I was in a contract for the phone for 2 years too. It was all shiny and new and ooohhh check out my iPhone 3 peoples!!! at the start.

And then very quickly the word iPhone was followed by escalating numbers (what are we at, like iPhone 5000 now??) and my phone did indeed become relegated to the crusty ‘has been’ part of phone stocking stores and they stopped making covers for them. I actually found the cover thing the most frustrating.

I remember going into a store and asking for the iPhone 3 covers. The guy looked at me with what I suspect was a mix of sympathy (perhaps she can’t afford a better phone) and amusement (um, doesn’t she know iphone 3’s are sooooooooo 2010) and shook his head.

Fortunately, I am not in the slightest bit gadgety or cool. So I have no use for newer / better / shiner versions every time they come out. Which is good, because, in case you haven’t noticed, newer / shiner and better things come out every freaking week.

So, my laptop my be slow and cumbersome – but hey, its working. I’m writing this post aren’t I? And my phone might be totes uncool, but oh well. I’m not paying some provider $90+ a month.

These days I pay my internet – $25 a month (can cancel with 30 days notice) and no contract pre-paid phone recharge vouchers – $30 a month gets me by just fine!

When these things do eventually come to the end of their lives I will purchase replacements IN CASH.

Aside from my credit card and personal loan, my biggest ‘must pay’ commitment is my furniture storage cost per month, which is $183.00. I have arranged for this to come out of store and be delivered to my folks place in  the next month. The delivery is a huge $1870 because I now live interstate. But Im using money I received from my tax return to pay this cost, and get this monkey off my back.

Slowly, slowly I am getting out of financial commitments. Patience is a virtue in this game! And it’s also the way to stay out of those contracts in the first place – be old school and save for what you need.




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5 thoughts on “Contracts suck

  1. I’m glad you’re gradually freeing yourself from long-term contracts. I agree any contract is debt! I bought my iPhone 4 in February this year (when iPhone 4s and 5 were already out). I’m still on a contract but I pay peanuts comparing to what others pay for their brand new items. This said, I am against any form of a contract these days, so no more for me!

    • I guess that is a huge benefit of technology upgrading and surpassing the previous models so quickly – you still get quality products at a way cheaper rate once the next newbie rolls into town! Yeh – contracts, I just hate them – stay away people, stay away! 🙂

  2. That’s awesome you are making the switch out of contracts! Contracts are just so bad. In rare cases they can make sense, but most of the time they are just a money grab by the companies offering them.

    I laughed because I have the iPhone 4 and when it came out it was the “next huge thing” because the design changed with the 4 from all the previous other iPhones. I was so excited to get it back then but now it is also a “has been” phone. Of course I want the latest iteration of the iPhone when they come out with them, but the 4 works perfectly fine and I haven’t upgraded my phone in over 3 years!

    No need to go chasing after all the newest shiny things and paying for them with cash at the beginning straight up and getting all the use out them is the way to go 🙂

    • I think all of us with the ‘has been’ phones can have a nice little feeling of satisfaction that we aren’t in debt for the latest gadget.

      Oh and there is always someone more retro than you – Imagine how the peeps in the old Nokia key pad phone world must feel!

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