Getting debt free isn’t the golden ticket


I have spent what feels like a long time thinking about and paying off debt.

All this time chipping away at my debt free goal, kinda feels like when I finally reach the target balance of $0.00, I will deserve some serious fiscal kudos and reward from whomever may be in charge of such things.

Some Financial Fairy should ride in on a white unicorn with a big trumpet and lots of glitter will rain from the sky and she will crown me with a magical I Am Debt Free crown and all my  financial troubles will be resolved.

And we all lived happily ever after in a mortgage free home.


Nope. Being debt free will absolutely without a doubt put me in a much better position financially. And it is the smartest thing to focus on in my current  situation. But it will not make me instantly rich. Nor will it increase my actual income. Or mean I can suddenly go out and buy everything I haven’t been able to buy in the last 6 months, all at once.

There is no fairy.

Or unicorn.

There may be some glitter – but only if I buy it myself.

Financial security and smart money habits are things that I will need to continue build on for the rest of my life. I will need to make financial plans that are achievable. I will have to define what is important to me in my life so I know how to make the money I spend worthwhile. I will require patience to slowly build a financially secure future.  I should use the tools and information available to me to educate myself in the area of personal finance.  

Getting debt free is just the beginning. 

4 thoughts on “Getting debt free isn’t the golden ticket

  1. I agree. It’s similar to people trying to lose weight: there are no quick fixes. If you want to lose weight and stay fit, you have to change your lifestyle, eat healthy, exercise regularly…and not just for 2 weeks, but for-ever…

  2. No…in fact, the final payment is actually quite anti climatic. You work so hard towards a focused goal for so long that when it finally ends, you feel kind of lost. That is, until you can focus on your next goal! Great job on your journey!

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