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Week 32 – Spend and Expense

Ok, so my expense recording was a bit sketchy for Week 32 – I find my vigilance in recording my expenses slips when I feel like I’ve blown my budget – which is unsurprising!

In week 32 I spent 3 fabulous days in the beautiful Byron Bay. It was a mini break I REALLY needed and I had planned to treat myself to some great meals and many cocktails. Unfortunately, the timing of the Byron break and moving in the same fortnight really saw my budget spin completely out of control!

But I really needed that break, and I had been looking forward to it for a long time. I find the biggest challenge with a long term debt smashing mission – which this is becoming – is balancing LIVING life while paying off debt, so you can live the life you want.

It’s a fine line which I haven’t quite mastered walking yet.



$5.50 coffee

$9.00 groceries


$110.00 clothes and shoes


$63 dinner/ drinks


$3.90 coffee

$23.90 gym fee

$220 flight

$5.95 sandwich

$250.00 debt repayment


$12.55 lunch

$290.00 accommodation

$41.00 lunch

$100.00 dinner / drinks


$60.00 dinner / drinks


$75.00 homewares purchase from Byron Bay markets

$15.00 coffee and cake

$3.50 water

Total spend for Week 32:  $1288.30

Debt summary for Week 32:

Credit card 1:  $0.00

Credit card 2:  $0.00

Personal loan: $6,368.00

Total starting debt: $14,744.12

Debt reduced by Week 32: $8,376.12  (average of $270.00 per week)


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Week 31 – Debt and Expense Update

Hey peeps.

I’m a few weeks behind in my spend and debt updates, so planning to post a few all at once and then let you know what the heck I’ve been up too.

So week 31 I moved out of my folks place and into an apartment with my boyfriend. For the sake of my mental health, I could no longer do the epic 4 hour daily commute from my folks place to work and back. I had reached the end of the line on that one, mentally and physically drained and not far from having a public meltdown on the way to work one morning when delays meant the trip to work alone took 3 hours!

A grown woman crying and thrashing around in the 2nd carriage while screaming ‘for the love of God, I’ll get out and push this train – just hurry the f#$% UP!’ is NOT a good look.

A week later, a lease was signed and my commute went from 2 hours one way to 25 mins. WINNING.

However, it has been expensive and thrown a spanner – one of many this month it seems – in the debt smashing works.


$5.50 coffee

$21.80 postage for gifts

$12.85 groceries

$25 internet


$1.00 bet (It was the Melbourne Cup in Australia – big horse racing day!)

$40 travel

$3.95 health / personal care

$15 drinks

$7.95 Juice




$52 dinner – took my folks out to dinner to thank them for helping me move the following weekend


$30 drinks

$26 cab fare

$875 rental bond

$3.80 coffee

$10.00 gift

Saturday (I flew interstate for the day)

$15 lunch

$25 petrol

$8.90 wine

$5.75 soup / takeaway

$20.00 drinks

$3.95 magazine

Sunday – move day!

$56 groceries

$18.00 takeaway coffees /breakfast

$70.00 cash to my brother for helping me move

$14.00 take away

Total spend for Week 31:  


Debt summary for Week 31:

Credit card 1:  $0.00

Credit card 2:  $0.00

Personal loan: $6618.83

Bank balance:




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