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Pause on blogging

I’m taking a pause from blogging on my debt. At the moment, while I’m not making any significant progress, I feel uninspired to update.

My goal for 2013 was to be debt free by the end of the year. And clearly, I won’t be.

Not giving up though. I’ll be back when the debt smashing ball is rolling again.

Ciao for now.

Week 34 – Debt and Expense Update

Week 34 involves some fairly epic expenditure but it included playing catch up to my credit card (yes, I know, I know)  After these last few weeks of lots of expenses, I’m hoping things will balance out now we are settled in the apartment with pretty much all we need.

A friend of mine was visiting from Melbourne this week which was lovely. A few extra nights out but nothing tooooo extravagant.

Sadly, this week I also attended a funeral of an amazing friend of mine, interstate. That day was a blow out as I was travelling and frankly, had more important things on my mind besides my budget.


$2.65 bottle of water

$178.00 loan repayment


$19 drinks

$21 dinner


$66 cab fare

$5.95 breakfast

$25 petrol

$25 donation

$5.95 gift card

$8.95 maccas

$3.00 Krispy kreme doughnut ( McDonalds AND Krispy Kreme doughnut!? I hear you say. Yes, it was a tough day and sometimes a binge on transfats are called for)

$3.50 video hire

$28.00 takeaway dinner


$23.90 gym membership

$3.20 tea

$3.00 groceries

$7.50 dinner

$25 cab fare

$32 drinks

$1100 – paid to Citibank credit card. Very very unfortunately I had to put a lot of house expenses / flight costs etc to my remaining credit card. I cleared the amount owing with this pay.

$5 raffle ticket


$30 shoes for work

$20 travel card

$240 groceries – this amount is to hopefully cover 2 weeks of groceries. Now my boyfriend and I are living together, I am giving him grocery money each fortnight on pay day and he just buys the groceries on his card. At this stage, I’m not contributing exactly half of the grocery spend as my bf eats a lot more than me. He does all kinds of crazy (but awesome!) endurance sport challenges, so has an appetite like a horse!


$150 curtains / blinds for the apartment


$4.40 washing pegs

Total spend: $2036.00 (yikes!!!!!!)

Debt summary Week 34

Credit card 1 – $0.00

Credit card 2 – $0.00

 Loan: $6279.00 – monthly interest of approx $78 was charged to my loan this month, so I actually ended up with more debt than week 32 😦

Total starting debt: $14,744.12

Debt reduced by Week 34: $8,465  (average of $248.00 per week)

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