Debt Breakup goals for February

February is almost here! January has just flown by!

So, time for some goals for the coming month. Keeping it simple and not huge amounts:

  • Pay $320.00 off personal loan  – current outstanding balance: $5925.05
  • Add $150.00 to savings account – current savings $140.00
  • 2 spend free days per week – aiming for Tuesday and Thursday each week to keep consistent
  • Contribute at least $30 to my ‘piggy bank’

You can see my savings account is very low – so anyone out there who is new to The Debt Breakup, it’s a good time to follow the blog – my savings are just starting! I hope yours are too 🙂

Let’s make some kickass progress together!

Have a great Tuesday 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Debt Breakup goals for February

  1. AngO says:

    Good luck. Small is better than none at all!

  2. morgaine80 says:

    January has dragged for me (funny how time is constant yet can feel different to different people), I will be glad when its finally over – doesn’t help that the weather has been horrible. I also had no savings at the beginning of the year as I had drained mine to buy a house and pay down some reno debt, now that its mostly gone I’m back to saving and hope to save quite a bit this year. Good luck! 🙂

  3. I’ve come along the way since October- where I had to drop out of school because I could no longer pay bills or afford food and went in search of a new job (i was only working just a couple of hours a week at a farm). Now in January. i have paid 310 to dept. have saved 425. Bought a car(700$) as well as paid for veggies for juicing, gas money, fun things (I notice that you left a comment on my blog about my budget so I’m sure you already know :p) the one new category is “Dutchess” which is my dog -where I’m living she is not permitted unfortunately so I pay for her dog food and for my parents to babysit her, it totals to 150 a month. But the achievements I made in January alone are astonishing and my few hours a week farm job is now my full time job and I’m considering it as a career – I presently get paid more than minimum wage so it’s that bad. And I love working with animals. As well I’ve gotten fitter which is always a priority of mine. Yep January has been a fantastic month! Feel free to visit my blog again shortly 🙂 xox

  4. I love the idea of spend free days. Even though your saving is small its a big step to decide to save. (Mine isn’t much bigger, we just started Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step program) It will be exciting watching it grow!

    • How exciting getting started with Dave Ramsey! I’ve read SO much good feedback about his programs in the world of budget bloggers! Even if you start with small steps, at least you are starting! I’ll join up to your blog, look forward to following your journey! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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