What do you do for work?

My fellow debt blogger over at  20andjuststarting   asked me this question on a recent post. And I too am curious to know what other debt and PF bloggers do to earn a crust.

Me, I’m a full time Event and Communications Coordinator. I have to say, it’s a pretty sweet gig and I do enjoy my job. My salary is probably  slightly less than industry standard, given I work within the not for profit sector.

I’d like to be able to make some extra cash like so many who are smashing debt do, but I’m always a little stumped on this one…I don’t really fancy getting a second job…I did do that for awhile and it just amounted to BURNOUT. While Im all for debt repayment, I need to stay sane as well. It would be cool to have a little side hustle, but I just don’t know what!

So, fellow debt bloggers – what do you guys do for work? Any ideas on ways to earn extra cash would be appreciated!


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12 thoughts on “What do you do for work?

  1. Ndeshimona says:

    I occasionally post about money (moreso when I was fully employed) but I’m also a communications coordinator. Right now I’m doing part time contract work as an Communications and Public Relations Coordinator but I’ve done a lot of event work in the past. Still looking for the communications job I can settle into. Can I ask what your educational background is?

    • I really enjoy event and communications but it would certainly pay more in professional service areas than not for profit. I was considering whether to apply for another role I saw advertise, similar, but it a law firm – 70k package which is about 20k above what I am on now! My educational background doesn’t extend to university…I finished year 12 (senior highschool in Australia) and started working straight away, I didn’t go to uni. And to be honest, I’ve never really regretted that…I had NO idea what I wanted to do then. Lots of my peers went to Uni for the sake of going to uni and now do nothing in their area of study but have big student loans…although it is still expensive to study at uni in Aus, we don’t have the Sally Mae situation happening here – which sounds like a nightmare!It all goes into a HECS debt and is deducted automatically based on a percentage of your earnings once you start earning a certain amount. Anyways, that’s one debt I don’t have!

  2. Simply Save says:

    I work full time in Human Resources. I briefly cashiered at Target part-time for some extra cash but the low pay wasn’t worth the loss of free time.

    • I agree, that’s how I felt about my second job in a cafe. I really REALLY didn’t enjoy it and it was a 6-8 hour shift plus travel time every Saturday. My weekends are very precious to me! I did that for about 4 months, at least I gave it a shot 🙂

  3. Ah I have the same question all these fancy debt bloggers out there blog about “side hustles” I wish I knew what or how I could do some. It’d be great for my debt!

    I too as well wrote a blog about what I do for a living check out City girl gone country, and you can read on up about what I do there 🙂

  4. I am in the corporate travel and entertainment industry. My two clients are big fashion houses and it’s so much fun working for them. I get to attend lots of trade events in exclusive hotels & restaurants in London that are completely free. Sometimes, I get to meet & work with celebrities (not that I care much about it, but it’s a nice little perk of the job) I do enjoy my job a lot and I get a very good salary for doing what I do. I wouldn’t say this job is my dream job, I don’t know what my dream job is… yet 😉 But it pays the bills and I get some amazing perks out of it. Like free flights and free hotel stays worldwide.

    • Thanks for sharing what you do for work! It sounds fabulous! It is great to have a job with some nice perks when you are trying to pay off debt…you feel like your not totally missing out on the finer things 🙂 I have a few perks in my role too – mainly just free food and drinks when venues are showcasing their event rooms etc – but hey, it’s better than nothing and I love food haha.

  5. Dear Debt says:

    I have the same job title as you! It’s a new position for me, as I have worked as a program coordinator/director in other nonprofits. I enjoy my job and have learned so much. I make a decent, but not amazing salary. I also do have several side hustles.

  6. Talia says:

    While not a blogger, I work at a college full time and in retail part time.

  7. B. says:

    I’m a health fitness specialist (full time at a corporate wellness center) by day. By night and weekends, I do personal training – not very much, but I’m working on that! – and I just started babysitting on weekends for some occasional cash through sites like Sittercity since I don’t know many people at all where I live (I relocated from another part of the country 9 months ago lol).

    • Your job sounds awesome! I guess in my other life, away from debt smashing ;), one of my biggest passions is health and fitness! A corporate wellness centre sounds fabulous!
      It’s great you are trying to get some extra cash through babysitting…generating some extra income is really an area I would like to focus on…

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