Be consistent in the little things

It is important to keep your eye on the prize. The BIG picture – the reason you set the goals you have to reach the outcome you want. My BIG picture is to Travel The World Debt Free.

But it is SUPER, DUPER important to remain consistent in the LITTLE things. The day to day activities and actions that you need to do to reach that BIG goal.

To me, consistency in taking positive actions and steps– in all areas, finance, health, relationships, career – is KEY.

Consistency forms habits. And good habits in personal finance are priceless.

What LITTLE things am I doing every day / week to make the BIG thing (Debt Freedom!) a reality?

  • I record all my expenses. Every day. I log them into the notes section of my phone, then I put them into a spreadsheet at the end of the day.
  • I try (SO HARD 😉 not to buy takeaway coffees every day! Everyone has a little spend vice…the ‘small’ amount that adds up and burns a hole in your pocket! Mine is coffee.
  • I listen to personal finance podcasts or read PF content via blogs / books / internet almost every day. This helps keep my goal at the forefront of my mind – I get hints and tips and feel inspired!
  • I say No to the items I really don’t need right now. Consistently saying no, delaying gratification and not letting frivious purchases sidetrack you actually becomes very rewarding. And, the more you do it, the easier it becomes!
  • I review my budget weekly. A weekly review can curb any major blowouts and keep you on track.
  • I donate to my piggy bank. This is a fairly recent habit I’ve developed, but already I can see over time with consistent donations this little piggy will be laughing all the way to the bank!

What little things are you doing consistently to reach your big goal?

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7 thoughts on “Be consistent in the little things

  1. I have been trying to avoid super stores. They encourage me to browse and that ends up meaning wasteful spending!

    • That is a really good point, avoiding certain stores / places! We have a store called Typo here in Australia – full of funky little things. It’s actually not that expensive but I can totally get sucked into spending cash for no real reason. So I try and save my trips there for when I need to buy gift cards and gifts for friends. I still get my Typo hit but with a purpose 😉

  2. Simply Save says:

    Great post-consistency is key! Coffee is my weakness too…

    • oh my gosh. Coffee is just my absolute weakness. My struggle to not buy coffee every day is particularly well documented in my early posts of The Debt Break Up haha, I quit smoking almost a year ago (YAY!) and this year I have given up processed sugar (tough, but getting easier) but no way am I giving up coffee…just trying to buy it less 😉

      • Simply Save says:

        Wow sounds like you’ve really cut a lot out! I say cut yourself some slack and enjoy coffee every now and then 🙂 I bought a keurig so it costs less than a Starbucks habit…and when I do go to Starbucks I use the My Starbucks Rewards app to earn free drinks!

  3. I agree, consistency is key! You’ve got a great plan there and I’m sure you’ll be free (and away travelling!) in no time!:P I am pretty good at managing my finances and not spending on unnecessary items. My only vice is travel… I cannot stay away from it. I cannot wait until I am debt free to go travelling. I have tried and I failed! So I decided it’s okay to splurge on travel a little while paying off debt. I don’t spend a lot in other categories like entertainment, clothes, etc. So I balance it out I guess, by spending on travelling but saving on everthing else to be able to travel 😛

    • Debt free travel is my absolute goal…my next trip is to Central America at the end of this year. That is the reason I am splitting my cash now between debt payment and savings (last year it just went mostly to debt) because I can’t put off another trip any longer! But it will be such a sweet feeling that when I leave I should have roughly only $1500.00 left in debt. I’m actually hoping I will be able to throw extra cash at it – my tax return and annual leave paid out when I quit my job – and actually be debt free. But thought I’d base my budget on worst case scenario…and that still isn’t too bad! You really do need to splurge occasionally – just like your birthday trip etc, an EXCELLENT reason to loosen the debt repayment reigns a little!

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