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Week 58 – Update on debt and savings

I was close to cracking the ‘under $3000’ mark this month, but not quite!


Credit card 1 – $0.00

Credit card 2 – $0.00

Personal loan: $ 3,142.15  (previous update $3790.04)


$450.00 (increased by $50.00)

Buffer funds

$50.00 (decreased by $250.00 due to visit to the dentist and shock discovery of a hole the size of a moon crater in one of my teeth that needed filling!)

What else is new? Well, I’ve joined a health fund to lessen the impact of my Medicare (Australian health system) tax at tax time in June. I also purchased 3 personal training sessions at the gym but now I have completed these, I’m not sure I can afford more until I have paid off the loan.

What do I do to stay fit on a budget?

I have a gym membership – but a super cheap one, only $11.30 per week – and it is flexible, I can cancel anytime. I have recently started walking home from work – a little over 4kms. This is saving me cash on my travel and also great exercise – a brisk walk home, following my gym workout, is a great way to finish the day.

I run sometimes – not as much as I did last year when I took part in a few marathons – and I try and eat as well as I can. I have a few pieces of equipment  at home but don’t use those so much as I have the gym – they are a good backup for a rainy day or a quick workout at home. You don’t need a lot of cash to stay fit – you just need to be motivated. Running, walking, beach swimming, home workouts  – all free! You just need to get up and do it!

My health is my overall priority – even before debt freedom 🙂 so it is important for me to invest in it every day!

Have a great week 🙂


March – A glance at savings and debt

I’m a bit late on my March update – it’s April already – Easter is almost here! I’m eating a hot cross bun as I type this update 😉

Anyhoos, below is the summary from March on savings and debt:


Credit card 1 – $0.00  (previous month – same)

Credit card 2 – $0.00 (previous month – same)

Personal loan: $ 3790.04 (previous month $5677.56)


$400.00 (previous month $285.00)

Buffer funds

$300.00 (previous month $150.00)

My ‘buffer’ fund is like my small emergency fund – and I anticipate this to be wiped out, potentially along with some savings, this week due to a trip to the dentist ;( oh well, I’m hoping to lessen the blow on my savings by using the buffer fund, which, after all, is the whole point!


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