I’M DEBT FREE! Goodbye from The Debt Breakup

Folks, this week I made my FINAL debt repayment! On Wednesday I transferred the final $460.00 to my personal loan.

For those of you familiar with the Dave Ramsay show, here’s my blog version of a debt free scream:


I’M DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All balances are at $0.00 – I no longer owe banking institutions anything. My next pay check will be mine, ALL MINE. So, for one final time, lets review my debt stats:

 Starting debt – March 2014

Credit card #1 – $2377.12

Credit Card #2 – $5000.00

Personal loan –  $7397.00

Total debt: $14,774.12

June 2014

Credit card #1 – $0.00

Credit card #2 – $0.00

Personal loan: $0.00

Total debt repaid: $14,774.12 (BOOM!!!)

My journey to Debt Freedom has taken approximately 15 months. I only wish I’d started earlier. If you are reading this blog because you are thinking about getting out of debt, don’t delay – start RIGHT NOW.

A huge THANK YOU to all my fellow debt bloggers for encouraging me along the way. There are so many fantastic PF blogs out there. The days I felt discouraged or ready to give up, I’d just spend time reading over other debt smashing blogs for inspiration!

So this is goodbye and good luck from The Debt Breakup. My next financial journey will be saving for a backpacking adventure through Central America at the end of 2014. I’ve got a steep savings goal to meet by the end of December!

You can follow my progress at www.4000sundays.com – my blog about travel, minimalism and making the most of every day!

Remember – Debt free is SET free. Never give up the war on debt!

Over and out 😉

Elesha – The Debt Breakup


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13 thoughts on “I’M DEBT FREE! Goodbye from The Debt Breakup

  1. Congratulation! You’ve done awesomely well. You must feel amazing, I can’t wait until I’m there. Your new blog looks great and I’ll be following that journey too!

    • It’s such a great feeling – I can’t wait to your there either 🙂 anyone who is trying their best to kick debts ass deserves to know how good it feels to make that last repayment! Stick with it 🙂 Next on the agenda is swapping debt repayments for saving! Saving for travel! Yay! Thanks so much for following The Debt Breakup 🙂

  2. YO! That’s a lot of debt repayment. A thousand congratulations to you. $14,774.12 congrats, actually. Good luck on saving for your next adventure. It’s been a pleasure to read about your journey so far.

  3. Wa-HOOOOOOO! Welcome to the club. You worked very hard and I can’t wait to see how you live debt free!

    • Thank you! What a great club to be in 🙂 The next few pays will see things really balance out and savings ramp up 🙂 Although I have paid off all my debt, I don’t have a huge savings account so looking forward to beefing that up for my Central America trip! Yippee!! Thanks so much for following The Debt Breakup 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    Congrats! You did great!

  5. Simply Save says:

    Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you! You worked hard, so enjoy it!

  6. morgaine80 says:

    Congrats!!! I will be following your next adventures 🙂

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