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Week 60 – Update on debt and savings

Hey folks!

I’ve been posting a lot less these days, and there are a couple of reasons for this:

1) I’m working on a new blog! I’m  looking forward to sharing the new blog with the readers of the Debt Breakup. My new blog won’t be anonymous 😉 so I guess you can find out a bit more about me!

2) I’m close to the end of my journey to debt freedom and thing are just rolling along – ie, not a lot of exciting updates to report. I’ve reached my ‘savings ceiling’ in that I have tweaked my budget time and time again – there isn’t much more I can squeeze out of it to pay towards debt or to save. But I’m very pleased with settling into a budgetary rhythm!

A cool thing I did do recently though was sell my stuff at a trash and treasure market 🙂 I’ve recently become a minimalist – something I cover off on my new blog – and letting go of many of my possessions has been the first step on my minimalist journey. I made $205.00 profit from the stall – which I was very pleased with considering most items were priced at $2 – $5!

So, my 60th week of debt repayments. 60 weeks. 

For pretty much the entire last 60 weeks I have made financial decisions based on minimising my debt as a priority. I’ve said no to things, I’ve worn the same wardrobe, I’ve mostly made purchases of needs, not wants. I’ve cut and reduced costs in every part of my life I could. Time and time again I have put debt repayment before my whims, wants and generally fun stuff.

With the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter and brighter, I can honestly say it has all been worth it so far.

My update for Week 60:


Credit card 1 – $0.00

Credit card 2 – $0.00

Personal loan: $ 2,542.95  (previous update $3,142.15)


$650.00 (increased by $200.00)

Buffer funds


Starting debt: $14,774.12 

Debt paid to date: $12,231.17

Have a great weekend everyone! My next update will be under $2000!!

Unit then…


Week 45 – Spend and Debt update…and oh, my trip to New Zealand!

So..I am a bit over my spending allocation this week..

Spending funds allocated for Week 45 – $110.00 – This amount is for Wednesday (just been) through to Wednesday (coming)

Actual funds spent for Week 45 – $150.95. 

$40.95 over budget and still 2 days to go until I ‘pay’ myself again 😦

Also, it has been a ‘short’ week as I was in New Zealand and using my allocated NZ spending money until Wednesday eve.

Monday: New Zealand

Tuesday: New Zealand

Wednesday: New Zealand

Thursday: $15.00 groceries, $4.00 tank top (this was an emergency purchase as the one I wore to work ripped at work!), $3.95 health / beauty purchase, $4.00 card, $15 gift, $5.00 health /beauty purchase

Friday: $3.60 coffee, $5.60 takeaway lunch, $10.00 drinks

Saturday: $8.80 coffee (for myself and bf), $6.00 canvas – to make a cool artwork from a tea towel I purchased in NZ – my only souvenir! , $9.00 storage box, $12.00 scales

Sunday: $20.00 tithe to church, $29.00 breakfast – took mum out as she had paid for me the fortnight before.

Additional payments this week – not part of my usual fortnightly expenses but had been allocated to the budget for this fortnight:

$185.00 for accommodation for a friends wedding – interstate – in March

$76.00 for the wedding gift

Wins and fails for week 45

  • My ‘no spend’ days were non existent this week – fail! – and I went well over spending budget!
  • Wins: Both the accommodation and wedding gift came in slightly under the budget I had allocated, $200 for accom and $100 for gift. Also, we received our first electricity bill and it was $177, so $88.50 each. I’d actually put aside $190.00.

Starting debt at March 2013: $14,774.12 (ok, something weird is going on with my ‘Week’ numbers for my updates – I started the debt breakup in March 2013 but I am only up to week 45 on my updates? I think I may have messed up my tally mid last year when ceased posting as work was crazy hectic and I was on the verge of a mental breakdown! Anyways, my next update will be at 1 year pretty much and will start my tally again Year 2 – week 1 etc.)

Current Debt: $5,775.05

Debt paid: $8,999.07 (so close to $9,000.00 in repayments!)

Week 45 report reporting on my expenses that come from my allocated ‘spending allowance’ per week. All other regular and fixed expenses are outlined in my budget here and automatically debited etc. Grocery spend – although variable, is outlined in my fortnightly budget too.

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Week 43 – Spend and Debt update

Week 43 report reporting on my expenses that come from my allocated ‘spending allowance’ per week. All other regular and fixed expenses are outlined in my budget here and automatically debited etc. Grocery spend – although variable, is outlined in my fortnightly budget too.

Spending funds allocated for Week 43 – $35.55 – yep, super duper small allowance this week! I am heading to New Zealand next week (YAY!) so really wanted to channel as much cash as possible into my spending for NZ!

Actual funds spent for Week 42 – $24.85. Under budget! Yay!

Monday: No spend.

Tuesday: No spend

Wednesday: No spend

Thursday: $7.45 lunch takeaway

Friday: $4.95 coffee, $5.95 lunch, $1.00 movie rental

Saturday: $2.00 movie rental

Sunday: $3.50 coffee

I passed my 2 spend free days per week challenge, actually had 3 days!!

Starting debt at March 2013: $14,774.12

Current Debt: $5,850.05

Debt paid: $8,924.07 divided by 43 weeks = $207. 53  debt repayment per week on average

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Week 42 – Spending Allowance and Debt Update

This is my first weekly stats update for awhile! I’m now in the 40’s weeks. The Debt Breakup has been around almost a year 🙂

To keep things simple, moving forward I will only be reporting on my expenses that come from my allocated ‘spending allowance’ per week. All other regular and fixed expenses are outlined in my budget here and automatically debited etc.

By tracking my spending expenses on these updates, you guys can see if I have stuck with my allocated allowance for the week! With all other regular expenses allocated, the spending allowance really will be the make or break of my budget if I consistently meet (or don’t meet) the target.

Spending funds allocated for Week 42 – $90.00

Actual funds spent for Week 42 – $102.35

$12.35 overspent – not too bad considering I wasn’t expecting to go to the lunch on Thursday

Monday: No spend.

Tuesday: No spend

Wednesday: $7.95 lunch

Thursday: $15.00 lunch (this was a work lunch which I kinda had to go too)

Friday: $10.00 lunch for bf, $12.95 gift, $4.95 card, $19.00 drinks

Saturday: $8.50 coffee, $11.00 shoes

Sunday: $13.00 breakfast

I passed my 2 spend free days per week challenge 🙂

Starting debt at March 2013: $14,774.12

Current Debt: $5,925.05

Debt paid: $8849.07 divided by 42 weeks = $210.69 debt repayment per week on average

Week 34 – Debt and Expense Update

Week 34 involves some fairly epic expenditure but it included playing catch up to my credit card (yes, I know, I know)  After these last few weeks of lots of expenses, I’m hoping things will balance out now we are settled in the apartment with pretty much all we need.

A friend of mine was visiting from Melbourne this week which was lovely. A few extra nights out but nothing tooooo extravagant.

Sadly, this week I also attended a funeral of an amazing friend of mine, interstate. That day was a blow out as I was travelling and frankly, had more important things on my mind besides my budget.


$2.65 bottle of water

$178.00 loan repayment


$19 drinks

$21 dinner


$66 cab fare

$5.95 breakfast

$25 petrol

$25 donation

$5.95 gift card

$8.95 maccas

$3.00 Krispy kreme doughnut ( McDonalds AND Krispy Kreme doughnut!? I hear you say. Yes, it was a tough day and sometimes a binge on transfats are called for)

$3.50 video hire

$28.00 takeaway dinner


$23.90 gym membership

$3.20 tea

$3.00 groceries

$7.50 dinner

$25 cab fare

$32 drinks

$1100 – paid to Citibank credit card. Very very unfortunately I had to put a lot of house expenses / flight costs etc to my remaining credit card. I cleared the amount owing with this pay.

$5 raffle ticket


$30 shoes for work

$20 travel card

$240 groceries – this amount is to hopefully cover 2 weeks of groceries. Now my boyfriend and I are living together, I am giving him grocery money each fortnight on pay day and he just buys the groceries on his card. At this stage, I’m not contributing exactly half of the grocery spend as my bf eats a lot more than me. He does all kinds of crazy (but awesome!) endurance sport challenges, so has an appetite like a horse!


$150 curtains / blinds for the apartment


$4.40 washing pegs

Total spend: $2036.00 (yikes!!!!!!)

Debt summary Week 34

Credit card 1 – $0.00

Credit card 2 – $0.00

 Loan: $6279.00 – monthly interest of approx $78 was charged to my loan this month, so I actually ended up with more debt than week 32 😦

Total starting debt: $14,744.12

Debt reduced by Week 34: $8,465  (average of $248.00 per week)

Week 32 – Spend and Expense

Ok, so my expense recording was a bit sketchy for Week 32 – I find my vigilance in recording my expenses slips when I feel like I’ve blown my budget – which is unsurprising!

In week 32 I spent 3 fabulous days in the beautiful Byron Bay. It was a mini break I REALLY needed and I had planned to treat myself to some great meals and many cocktails. Unfortunately, the timing of the Byron break and moving in the same fortnight really saw my budget spin completely out of control!

But I really needed that break, and I had been looking forward to it for a long time. I find the biggest challenge with a long term debt smashing mission – which this is becoming – is balancing LIVING life while paying off debt, so you can live the life you want.

It’s a fine line which I haven’t quite mastered walking yet.



$5.50 coffee

$9.00 groceries


$110.00 clothes and shoes


$63 dinner/ drinks


$3.90 coffee

$23.90 gym fee

$220 flight

$5.95 sandwich

$250.00 debt repayment


$12.55 lunch

$290.00 accommodation

$41.00 lunch

$100.00 dinner / drinks


$60.00 dinner / drinks


$75.00 homewares purchase from Byron Bay markets

$15.00 coffee and cake

$3.50 water

Total spend for Week 32:  $1288.30

Debt summary for Week 32:

Credit card 1:  $0.00

Credit card 2:  $0.00

Personal loan: $6,368.00

Total starting debt: $14,744.12

Debt reduced by Week 32: $8,376.12  (average of $270.00 per week)


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Week 31 – Debt and Expense Update

Hey peeps.

I’m a few weeks behind in my spend and debt updates, so planning to post a few all at once and then let you know what the heck I’ve been up too.

So week 31 I moved out of my folks place and into an apartment with my boyfriend. For the sake of my mental health, I could no longer do the epic 4 hour daily commute from my folks place to work and back. I had reached the end of the line on that one, mentally and physically drained and not far from having a public meltdown on the way to work one morning when delays meant the trip to work alone took 3 hours!

A grown woman crying and thrashing around in the 2nd carriage while screaming ‘for the love of God, I’ll get out and push this train – just hurry the f#$% UP!’ is NOT a good look.

A week later, a lease was signed and my commute went from 2 hours one way to 25 mins. WINNING.

However, it has been expensive and thrown a spanner – one of many this month it seems – in the debt smashing works.


$5.50 coffee

$21.80 postage for gifts

$12.85 groceries

$25 internet


$1.00 bet (It was the Melbourne Cup in Australia – big horse racing day!)

$40 travel

$3.95 health / personal care

$15 drinks

$7.95 Juice




$52 dinner – took my folks out to dinner to thank them for helping me move the following weekend


$30 drinks

$26 cab fare

$875 rental bond

$3.80 coffee

$10.00 gift

Saturday (I flew interstate for the day)

$15 lunch

$25 petrol

$8.90 wine

$5.75 soup / takeaway

$20.00 drinks

$3.95 magazine

Sunday – move day!

$56 groceries

$18.00 takeaway coffees /breakfast

$70.00 cash to my brother for helping me move

$14.00 take away

Total spend for Week 31:  


Debt summary for Week 31:

Credit card 1:  $0.00

Credit card 2:  $0.00

Personal loan: $6618.83

Bank balance:




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Week 30 – Spend and Expense Update

Week 30!

Hard to believe I’ve been on a debt free mission for this long. SO glad I’m not back at Week 1.

This week I was in Darwin (The capital of the Northern Territory, Australia) for work which was different! I’d never been to Darwin and boy was is HOT. And very, very laid back.

Work paid for most of my general food / accom expenses while I was away but I did spend some cash on a trip to Crocosaurus Cove and also visited the Mindil Beach Markets, which were awesome. Such a beautiful sunset and great food! I also purchased a super cute print from a local artist.

I didn’t do so well in not purchasing alcohol this week – Darwin is the kind of place that goes well with a beer, or several, on the hot evenings by the pool!

Once again, debt payments this week were minimal, keeping in with the plan of saving a ‘buffer’ of cash so I never need to draw on my credit cards in an emergency!

I have added a new detail to my stats, which is my account balance, so you can see that although there is not much movement in my debt stats, my buffer of cash is growing a little 😉

Spend summary

Monday: $5.00 sandwich, $16.50 health / beauty purchase

Tuesday: $40.00 phone recharge, $20 postage, $8.50 health / beauty purchase, $4.95 magazine

Wednesday: $0.00

Thursday: $20.00 dinner, $6.00 gift, $20 print, $8.00 beer

Friday: $30.00 drinks, $178.00 loan repayment, $25.60 entry fee to crocodile park

Saturday: $13.50 snack

Sunday: $10.00 tithe, $2.00 card, $17.15 groceries

Saturday: $70.00 dentist, $4.50 coffee, $30 phone recharge card, $35.00 donation

Sunday: $27.30 dinner

Total spend: $538.30

Debt update

Credit card #1 – $0.00

Credit card #2 – $0.00

Personal loan: $6618.18 (interest + loan fee charged this month at the amount of $88.29)

Total debt remaining: $6618.18

Total starting debt: $14,744.12

Debt reduced by Week 30: $8,125.94 (average of $270.00 per week)

Bank balance: $670.00

Week 29 – Expense and Debt Update

A bit late with my weekly update, but here are the stats for Week 29.

While nothing much as changed on the debt front, I did stick to my goal of only buying 1 coffee and shopping at ALDI for my weekly shop. I also managed to not spend money on alcohol…but my boyfriend very kindly spotted me some beers last night 😉

Spend summary

Monday: $3.00 water, $15.00 on travel card

Tuesday: $0.00

Wednesday: $150.00 on travel card, $140 board

Thursday: $40.50 gifts

Friday: $23.00 gym

Saturday: $70.00 dentist, $4.50 coffee, $30 phone recharge card, $35.00 donation

Sunday: $27.30 dinner

Total spend: $538.30

Debt update

Credit card #1 – $0.00

Credit card #2 – $0.00

Personal loan: $6708.64

Total debt remaining: $6708.64

Total starting debt: $14,744.12

Debt reduced by Week 29: $8,035.48

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Week 28 – Spend and Expense update

So, I missed Week 27 update as I record all my expenses in my phone.

And my phone died for a few days, when it came to, some of my notes / contacts were no longer!

So here are my Week 28 stats – no real change to debt. But I have a plan for the next 4 weeks and will give an update on that in my next post:

Spend summary

Monday: $7.00 coffee

Tuesday: $7.10 groceries, $ 4.90 takeaway juice, $110 gifts

Wednesday: $20.50 test for drivers licence

Thursday: $28 taxi, $100 dinner (it was a birthday dinner) , $40 gift

Friday: $7.95 gift, $20.50 licence test, $145 drivers licence fee, $80 drinks

Saturday: $4.00 coffee, $20 on travel card

Sunday: $5.00 raffle ticket, $4.00 bag, $20.80 groceries

Total spend: $624.75. 

Debt update

Credit card #1 – $0.00

Credit card #2 – $0.00

Personal loan: $6708.64

Total debt remaining: $6708.64

Total starting debt: $14,744.12

Debt reduced by Week 28: $8,035.48

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